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Jungle Trolls Reborn 4.8

Jungle Trolls Reborn 4.8
Изменения 4.8

- spider, snake and rat attack speeds reduced;
- bees produce 33% less honey;
- Easy and Hard survival difficulties are brought closer to Normal: easy is a bit harder and hard is a bit easier;
user interface
- selling prices of all items have been set in item tooltips;
- when having no money and trying to buy an item from the Troll Merchant, the notification will be sent only to the player (done to avoid spamming);
- Pet's Den cannot be dismounted anymore (done to remove some exploits);
- fixed the bug with Spiked Trap and Improved Spiked Trap; now all traps work fine;
- fixed the bug giving to one of the players visibility on all map (needs to be tested in multiplayer).
- sleeping reworked to remove an abuse when a troll was able to use the benefits of a Tent which is still in construction.

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