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Dota IMBA V3.81

Dota IMBA V3.81
V3.81 Changelog(на английском)
Luna Moonfang
-Fixed Moon Glaive bounce damage will occur abnormal orb effect

-Fixed Craggy Exterior buildings will get the stun effect bug

-Linken's Sphere is now no longer effective and wont getting cooldown on Tornado and Defending Blast
-Cold Snap is now effective correctly on Linken' Sphere
-Fixed while casting Tornado on Blade Mail unit may cause Invoker receive sudden death effect

Kyre Warrior
-Fixed Spy Arrow(1st skill) wrong sight effect bug
-Nature Teleport is now working on friendly units

-Reworked Bloodrage
New effect:
Adds damage and 70 movement speed for seconds, Bloodrage's unit will cause all enemy in 350 range silenced
-Reworked Rupture
New effect:
Cause initial damage, target is now receiving 3% hp damage/second and moving will cause target receiving bonus damage as usual.

-Fixed Poison Attack is still working when Viper was silenced
-Fixed auto-casting Poison Attack may effects on friendly unit and not costing any mana bug

Ethereal Hunter
-Fixed Ethereal Canon only reflects physical damage bug
-Reworked Ultimate skill effect

-Blade Fury reworked
New effect:
While spinning the affected enemies (350 range) is no longer attracted to Yunero while they will receive bonus physical damage and a 20% movement speed decrease lasts 3/4/5/6 seconds, Yunero has magic immunity in Blade Fury
-Yunero is now allow to normal attack in Blade Fury

Bane Elemental
-Rescaling and improving Fiend's Grip effect

Crystal Maiden
-Fixed sometime Frostbite having abnormal freeze bug
-Fixed sometime Freezing Field will end at abnormal status

-Primal Split's warriors is now receiving Pandaren's item effect and buff
-Fixed while killing all of the Primal Split's mighty warriors will cause Pandaren kill himself bug

-Global Silence cooldown rescale to 100/90/80

-Improved Malefice
New effect: Every 2secs will stuns oppenent for 1secs, the target and all of the 375 range enemies will receive 10% hp damage, lasts 2/4/6/8secs
-Demonic Conversation reworked
New effect:
Summoned elemental units damage is 2/3/4/5% hp of elemental spirit, the damage to enemy will heal Enigma and spirits will increase their maximum hp
-Black Hole cooldown rescaled from 200/190/180secs to 120/110/100secs

Death Prophet is now RELEASED!

-Fixed Shrapnel causing Linken's Sphere keep cooldown

-Fixed Frost Arrows not effect on Magic Stick charges

Treant Protector
-Fixed sometime Overgrowth may cause abnormal bug

-Add character sounds

Goblin Techies
-Fixed Landmines will crash with some heroes skills
-Improved Sucide Squad, Attack!, you can gain exp from the units killed by using Sucide Squad, Attack!

-Fixed Necromastery abnormal bug

-Poison Gas is no longer effect on Roshan

-Death Grip is now releasing damage after griping the unit to Abaddon while the older version is damage first then comes with grip
-Fixed Borrowed Time having wrong effect bug

-Spectre Dagger reworked
-Fixed while Desolate on a high-armor hero may cause the damage become not accurate

Nerubian Weaver
-Shakuci data improved

NEW HERO: DarkMare Warrior!

More Changelog coming very soon!

Please appreciate my work as doing a changelog is not a easy work.
I will be glad for any suggestion and sorry for any grammar mistake.

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